Proposal: the Multisig Signer Nominees


This proposal aims to propose, discuss and subsequently nominate signers of the Solace DAO multisig for the next 12 months and complete the final step in establishing decentralized governance for Solace. To elect the multisig signers, we are seeking individuals with extensive experience in the crypto space who have contributed to Solace and possess a strong reputation within the Solace community or/and the broader DeFi community. By electing these signers, Solace can ensure that the community’s interests are protected and that governance decisions are made in a transparent and decentralized manner.


If adopted, this proposal will:

  1. approve the multisig signers of the Solace DAO for the next 12 months
  2. complete the transition to the fully decentralized governance


  1. Evgeny Yurtaev

Evgeny Yurtaev is a well-known figure in the crypto space, having been a CEO and co-founder at Zerion, a leading DeFi wallet and dashboard platform. He is also an early investor and supporter of Solace. Yurtaev’s assistance has helped Solace establish significant partnerships and enhance its brand recognition.

  1. StableLab

StableLab is the leader in professional delegation and governance frameworks for DAOs. They actively participate in the governance of such top protocols as Maker, Aave, Balancer, 1Inch and more. StableLab have contributed to Solace at every level in various ways. Their support has been invaluable and has made a significant difference. They have provided us with expertise, network and resources that have allowed us to overcome many challenges. Whether it’s through their guidance in strategy development, product development or financial support, StableLab has played an important role in Solace.

  1. Quentin Milne

Quentin is one of the key members of the founding team of one of the largest and most significant “cartels” in the crypto industry. He has played a key role in building an entire network of crypto projects, including StakeDAO, StakeCapital, Blackpool Finance, and Quentin has made significant contributions to Solace by helping secure crucial partnerships, attracting financial support, and driving product development.

  1. Jehoti

Jehoti is one of the earliest supporters of Solace and an OG member of our community. Throughout his active involvement with Solace, he has proven himself to be a trustworthy individual with a deep commitment to the project’s growth. He has consistently assisted contributors, provided valuable feedback, and helped onboard new community members. Additionally, Jehoti has been a long-term staker of SOLACE.

This proposal will be updated with more nominees as the discussion continues. Community members are welcome to propose other candidates by replying to this post.


thank you @amir for putting together the proposal and a few nominees. I’d like to add that we should vote on each nominee separately through Snapshot, since the individuals are independent and it would make things easier if some are passed or not.

I also want to nominate myself and Jefferson Tang for this committee. Him and I both have been working on Solace v2 protocol technical design together, and overall across the whole range of tasks for Solace. Jeff is an experienced full stack developer, launched many Solace products in the past and is a technical lead for Holdr (, so he can make sure any technical updates and tx’s to the Solace protocol are sound. My background, on the other hand, is well-known by the community, so I’ll spare the time unless asked for. Either way, I’m very energized to continue pushing and delivering on the vision for decentralized coverage products to see DeFi scale into wider risk-aware userbase.


I feel honoured being nominated. Love the positive vibes of the team and would gladly assist in any way i can.


StableLab is happy to be nominated and will accept the nomination. Look forward to support the ecosystem


Hey everyone! I would like to nominate @amir as a Multisig Signer for the Solace governance council. He is an early contributor to Solace and highly respected by the community. Amir’s background in marketing and business development, coupled with his commitment to transparency and fairness, make him an ideal candidate for the role. Also his dedication to decentralized governance principles aligns perfectly with the values of the Solace community.


I would also be happy to nominate another prominent figure in the crypto industry — Preston Van Loon.

Preston is the co-founder of Prysmatic Labs and one of the key Ethereum core developers. Preston is a highly experienced and respected contributor in the crypto space who has advised many projects from their inception, including Solace. He played a significant role in the Ethereum Merge and is currently working on scaling the Ethereum network with Offchain Labs - the main contributor to Arbitrum.


Additionally, I would like to nominate Gnar. He has been a dedicated supporter of Solace since its early days. He has played an instrumental role in providing guidance to core contributors, spreading the word about Solace to the broader crypto community, and offering constructive feedback to help the project grow. In addition to his contributions, Gnar has been a committed staker of SOLACE, demonstrating his long-term commitment to the project. His active involvement in the community and dedication to the project’s success make him an invaluable asset to the Solace DAO.


Honoured to be nominated. Look forward to helping to build out the Solace ecosystem :hammer:


Honored to be nominated and I will happily accept. While my presence has waned a bit with the market, I’m excited to potentially be a larger part of this ecosystem and support it in new dimensions as it grows.


Honored, and will gladly accept the nomination.


I am deeply humbled by the nomination and am gladly accepting it!


Howdy all! Thanks for the nomination @amir. I’d be happy to contribute to the Solace project as a trusted member of the signing group for the mulitsig wallet. As a signer, I always review the contents of the messages requiring signatures and not just blindly sign. Looking forward to working more with Solace.